Hosting a Holiday Party? Make Sure You Have EPLI

Holiday parties are absolutely fun for everyone when done right, acting as a morale booster that really brings together your company like they are family. However, when they’re done wrong, they can be a source of stress for you and your team, and could even lead to employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) claims.

Whether you’re having the party at home or an office, you’re going to want to think about your liability issues that are present. Most states require coverage if you will be be serving alcohol. It’s not just about planning the party and executing it; it’s also about staying safe and keeping everyone protected in the event of a claim. Your general liability insurance will cover some claims (such as bodily injury and property damage), but if an employee raises a claim of harassment or discrimination, that’s where employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) comes into play.

Why EPLI Coverage Matters

Every business owner should know what EPLI coverage is. EPLI is a safety net in the event of employees participating in behaviors that border discriminatory or other behaviors such as sexual harassment. When you’re having a party, you’re going to want to think about that coverage. Holiday parties often mean that people are drinking, which means some issues could arise. Sure, you might think that your standard policies that you already have might cover you. And some of them do, but only to an extent. A basic general liability policy won’t cut it for this.  Without employment practices liability coverage, your staffing agency could be out of luck when something happens at your party. With this kind of coverage on top of third-party coverage, your agency will be protected financially for events that can ultimately end with you in court.

How to Keep Your Business Safe

Things can happen, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a party. If you’re prepared, then you won’t have to worry about being caught off guard. Here are some ways to keep your business safe while enjoying a holiday gathering:

  • Check your current insurance coverage.
  • Think about the venue.
  • Make sure your EPLI coverage has third-party coverage as well.
  • Encourage employees to lead by example through limiting drinking activities.
  • Offer things to eat and drink other than alcohol.
  • Make sure alcohol isn’t served throughout the entire night.
  • If someone’s drank too much, make sure they have an alternative way to get home.

Everyone wants to partake in fun. But it’s only fun when everything is done safe and right. Having employment practices liability insurance with third-party coverage is just the bare minimum of what you need: it’s also about playing it cautious. If employees are drinking, there needs to be ground rules. With those rules and the proper insurance, then you’re set to enjoy the holidays entirely.

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