How The Staffing Industry Can Help the Healthcare Sector

The staffing industry can help the healthcare sector by attempting to fill many empty jobs with productive employees. The healthcare sector has many staffing shortages and has struggled to fill the holes. Indeed, there are thousands of unfilled positions in hospitals, rehab centers, and doctor’s offices around the country. As the problem appears to worsen, it’s clear that a better strategy is necessary, and recent trends suggest that staffing agencies may be part of the solution. It is unsurprising, given the extensive experience staffing agencies bring to the table in solving personnel crises. 

The Staffing Industry Can Help the Healthcare Sector: Overcoming Obstacles 

The staffing industry can help health care facilities overcome understaffing obstacles in the following four ways.

Filling Immediate Needs

The staffing industry can help the healthcare sector fill immediate needs. When there is a shortage of positions, such as RNs and CNAs, the quality of patient care inevitably suffers. Staffing agencies are experts at finding fast solutions to pressing problems, though, which may make for a perfect partnership. When a healthcare facility partners with a staffing firm, they expand its available resources to encompass a network of professionals who may be available to fill an open job immediately. This benefits all parties involved, but most importantly, it ensures that patients receive the care they need.

Addressing the Underlying Issues

Although finding an immediate fix is always satisfying, the healthcare understaffing crisis is evidence of a more significant underlying issue. Workers in the industry may be frustrated by burnout, low wages, mistreatment, and under appreciation, which can cause high employee turnover rates. Professionals in the staffing industry are skilled at addressing the causes of such crises. A partnership between healthcare and staffing professionals can generate productive strategies for resolving the issues contributing to staff shortages.

Training Staff for New Roles

One of the most noteworthy trends to hit the staffing industry in recent years is the emergence of upskilling. This strategy entails retraining high-quality employees by teaching them new skills. These new skills often build on their existing strengths, but they can tailor those to work in a new industry. This approach can empower staffing agencies to reskill adept employees for roles in the healthcare field. Although this strategy requires time and funds, it can be an effective solution for healthcare facilities.

Implementing Long-Term Solutions

Short-term solutions are necessary for immediate healthcare staffing crises, but staffing agencies should work toward offering long-term solutions. It includes investing in staffing general liability insurance to cover collaborative efforts with the healthcare sector. General liability coverage for staffing agencies should minimize liabilities such as bodily injury and property damage. This coverage for staffing services is essential — especially when rolling out programs that join efforts between two entities. Staffing agencies must mitigate the unique exposures that may emerge from working alongside the healthcare industry.

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