How to Make a Staffing Agency Stand Out & Grow in 2021

For your clients to thrive or even keep up with today’s world, they must be able to stand out from their competition. The industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. With the economy being in an insecure place and all the layoffs that are taking place, recruiters are still pushing through. Recruiters must be able to quickly adapt and prepare for a new set of challenges and trends. The industry grows more and more competitive, and the workforce has unique needs.

Here are some helpful strategies your staffing agency clients can use to stand out and potentially increase their business.

Staying Up on Hiring Trends

Agencies that are able to grasp new trends rather than resist them are more likely to be successful. Temporary job openings have drastically increased, causing a shift in the entire workforce climate. Most companies are doing everything they can to save money right now. Your clients will likely benefit from finding a niche market to appeal to and pay close attention to the talent pool patterns. They must be able to find the balance of accommodating industry trends and staying true to the company’s mission. Remaining flexible and open to exploring other potential routes is just a straightforward strategy for them to abide by.

Listen to What Job Seekers Want

Just about everyone was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, not just employers. Many job-seekers have changed what they want in an employment opportunity and a job-search process. A better understanding of the candidate pool is critical. They continue to change, so adapting to the changes is beneficial. It all boils down to the fact that candidate experience is more important than ever before. Agencies must listen to what their potential partners are looking for to retain business loyalty and better serve their customers. A few features that candidates are likely looking for now:

  • Prompt and transparent communication from their hiring partners
  • Workplaces that value diversity and culture
  • Companies that adhere to clearly defined missions and values

Invest in Marketing

How professionals find partnerships are constantly evolving. However, one thing we know for sure is that online searching is here to stay for a while. With both the candidates and the employers searching online, it is worth your clients’ time and money to invest in digital marketing to communicate what they bring to the table. Professionally collaborating through social media and using written content is a great way to increase visibility and show off a company’s unique characteristics. It is also a great way to determine and stick to a niche in a saturated marketplace.

Focus on the Long Term

Clearly defining goals and being able to execute them is a crucial component to just about any business. However, as the pandemic has taught us, we must be prepared for anything, which emphasizes why staffing liability insurance is so important. An agency must have plans established to help mitigate crises effectively. It is essential to both job seekers and employers agencies to work with agencies that are prepared to handle these issues. Since everyone is extra cautious, agencies must present themselves as being able to take on anything. To maintain and grow a customer base, your clients must zone in on relationship building. Bringing on new recruitment technology, such as a CRM, can also help your clients keep up with the times and manage their busy schedules.

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