How to Prevent Potential Candidates from “Ghosting”

“Ghosting” was once only used in the dating world, but today, it has also become well-known in the workforce. Ghosting refers to when a job candidate suddenly stops responding to a company’s efforts to attract them into their workplace. That could mean they don’t show up for an interview,  never call or email back, or sometimes candidates even ghost after accepting a job offer and never show up. 

It may seem like odd behavior from someone actively seeking a job—but with the competitive hiring market we’re currently in, job seekers often feel it’s acceptable to ghost a potential employer. Keeping up with a complicated interview process many many companies, especially those with multiple hoops to jump through, can all seem a bit too overwhelming or simply be a turn-off. 

Whether this behavior is considered acceptable or not, ghosting will eventually happen if it hasn’t already and the delayed hiring time comes at a cost to the company. Luckily, there are things you can do to keep your company from being ghosted during the hiring process and ensure that your clients will secure the new hires that they’re seeking.

Make it a Quick, Painless Process 

Whether you’re short-staffed or simply disorganized,  try to avoid drawing out the hiring process as this can make a significant difference. If things take too long, a candidate may lose hope and decide to move on without notifying you. Do your very best to thoroughly communicate the timeline and the process to the candidate. 

Use an Applicant Tracking System 

There are many applicant tracking systems to help zone in on top candidates, but one that would be particularly beneficial in preventing ghosting is one that gives points to candidates’ answers. This allows you to quickly focus on the applicants who are most qualified to be sure your communication does not stray from value. Consider including a phrase such as ‘Sometimes we encounter unresponsive candidates; if you feel we’re not a fit, will you let us know?’”

Develop a Personal Relationship 

An overload of emails without enough real communication speaks volumes and can make an applicant lose his or her desire to continue to interview process. Appoint an individual to walk the candidate through the hiring process. This can greatly limit the chance of getting ghosted. It is recommended to not use the hiring manager as a guide. Have the individual keep tabs on the candidate’s experience with regular check-ins.

Prioritize Disclaimer Use 

Regardless of how quick and personal you make the hiring process, there will inevitably be those who just don’t want the job—and become tempted to ghost. You can still try to protect your time and resources by using “disclaimer-rich language” in the job posting and throughout the application process, inform the candidate of the acceptance of  ending the process but that you just ask for closure—as they would want too—as many candidates have been ghosted by employers as well.

Use Surveys

It’s not always easy to tell someone—especially a potential employer—that you’ve changed your mind. Consider creating a survey that candidates can access throughout the process. They may not want to tell a hiring manager that they took a job elsewhere, but may be willing to click a multiple-choice option from a survey.

The staffing and recruiting process is a difficult one for staffers and candidates alike, and has many opportunities for misunderstandings and interactions that could potentially lead to claims. Make sure that your agency is protected with a comprehensive staffing insurance program that includes Direct Hire as well as all of the necessary liability coverages.

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