How to Protect Company and Customer Data

Crime is hefty. But crime through online avenues is even worse. No one thought that 30 years ago, this is an exposure that every company would deal with. Cybercrime is highly expensive, to say the least.  A recent IBM survey found that data breaches cost companies at least $4 million alone on average, with the number still climbing. However, it doesn’t have to be impossible to protect your company and customer data for the long term.

While protecting data isn’t cheap, it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. When it comes to staffing agency insurance, you’re going to want the best coverage you can possibly receive, and that includes Security & Privacy Liability Insurance, also known as cyber liability insurance.

If you’re worried about what cybercrime can do to your business, here’s what you need to know. It doesn’t have to be a hassle to save the day. Here’s how to keep your company and customer data safe for years to come, via some key tips from Small Business Trends.

  • If you collect it, make sure it’s protected. Inappropriate and unauthorized access should never happen.
  • Have a strong privacy policy in place for optimum protection. Customers need to know that you take their protection seriously. Make sure there’s a policy in place that explains how you protect their data. Keep it straightforward and simple. That kind of transparency and honesty is the best way to get your customers to trust them.
  • Know what you’re protecting and don’t underestimate the threat. Have awareness of the things that you’re in possession of, as well as why you need to protect it. The thing is, small businesses are targeted more than anything: with that information in mind, know what needs to be done in order to keep your consumer data information protected.
  • Don’t collect what you don’t need, keep a clean machine and use multiple layers of security to protect data. Scan new devices for bugs. Keep mobile devices safe. There’s a lot of information you’ll need but there’s also a lot that you won’t need either. Don’t keep track of everything. Always have a computer that knows how to keep itself clean and utilize a system that has many layers of protection in order to keep consumer data safe.
  • Educate employees on what they need to know for future endeavors. Since your employees are going to be the ones seeing customer data the most, they should also be the ones who know how to protect it. Employees need to know what to do in the midst of a fraud scam, for example.


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