How to Use Technology to Improve Staffing

Staffing agencies always need to stay ahead of the game, and with technology, there’s more than one way to do it. As technology advances, it changes the landscape that staffing agencies are working with. Staffing is about relationships, according to Akken Cloud, meaning that it would not thrive without building them. By keeping ahead of the trends and going above and beyond, your staffing agency can make sure that it’s finding the best candidates. Here’s a list of key technologies to improve staffing, courtesy of Monster.

Using Targeted Advertising for Job Postings

One way that technology has improved the staffing process is through ads. Gone are the days of coming up with a business plan and having to act it out in order to get the best candidates. Online recruitment is getting a lot better thanks to targeted advertising. By using online media, you can push your job postings out farther than ever, meaning you’ll get a wide array of potential candidates for your staffing agency. By posting across multiple websites, you’re able to find the best possible candidates. Utilizing targeted ads means that you can reach potential candidates who may not have been actively looking for a position. And through sharing, you can reach people who may not be actively on job boards. Targeted ads have been proven effective in increasing views of job postings.

Getting Mobile-Savvy Candidates

It’s 2018, and almost everything is run online now. That’s why it’s especially important to have a candidate that knows their way around technology. If you know how to work the many aspects of technology, then you’re improving staffing culture. Mobile-savvy candidates that know what they’re doing mean that you’re making the most out of your staffing agency. Find candidates that are across multiple social media platforms. One other way to reach out with technology is to use an app like Monster or LinkedIn that candidates can use in order to apply to job postings.

Meeting Candidates Online

One last way to improve the staffing process through technology is by being able to meet your candidates through any means. That means being available by phone, email, social media and even video chat. This way you can make sure you’re not missing out on any type of candidates for the job. Web resources assist in appealing to millennials, as well as all types of students who are actively in their job search.


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