How Your Clients Can Navigate Temp Hiring After COVID

In today’s world, just about all business operations have been forced to adapt to new methods. After COVID, it looks as if seasonal positions and those looking for seasonal jobs are projected to increase. Many companies such as Monster, Pinterest and Google have conducted research concluding that users have pandemic-influenced behavior. In order to keep up with the new shift in hiring, your clients will have to evolve their strategies to accommodate the trends and the economic uncertainty.

Adjusting the Hiring Process 

Typically, hiring is pretty steady throughout the year and then begins peaking in the fall. However, for many businesses this year, the peak has already hit and it is projected to remain high. To help navigate this, it will be helpful for your clients to not discount the holiday psychology factor, as people will still celebrate holidays despite financial hardships. They will also have to keep in mind that there is quite a bit of spending going on now in most industries. It is kind of a guessing game how the new bill in congress will play out and how much more assistance the government will give. There has been less spending on vacations, sports, and concert outings, which has transferred to retail, with a huge shift in online purchasing. Now is a good opportunity to bring on seasonal employees, as this will help in the transitions while we wait and see how things pan out after the pandemic. Although there are ways to help plan for hiring, the truth is that the labor market is unpredictable right now, so emphasize the importance of staffing business insurance  to your clients.

Further Considerations

Sticking with tried-and-true hiring methods may still work, but there are additional considerations to make this year. It is smart to rework job descriptions, as traditional messaging won’t be as effective since the rules have changed this year. Getting creative may look like using digital tools to connect in a new light. It might make more sense to recognize certain traits that would be relevant after COVID.

It is also recommended to hire those with transferable skills because business will need a flexible workforce. It will be important to hire those who can easily bounce between roles with a seamless transition. It is vital that your clients communicate their expectations during this time. Many employees are expected to step up during this time to take care of extra safety protocol tasks. The job descriptions and employer branding should be updated with any new requirements. Highlighting flexibility and being very clear on what is expected from candidates will greatly help your clients in the hiring process. Having a pipeline prepared will also help your clients navigate through these challenging times. They can develop a relationship with those who are interested in a particular position, while also taking advantage of an employee referral system. There is a candidate abundance, but not all will be a great fit which is where technology, such as screening tools and resume search, can come in handy to help sort through applicants.

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