Increase in Temp Workers Brings More Business to Staffing Agencies

Increase in Temp Workers Brings More Business to Staffing AgenciesIt’s not a surprise that the days of the traditional 9-to-5 employees are coming to an end. More and more companies are becoming interested in hiring temporary workers for their company. This number is expected to rise even more in the future. There are plenty of advantages when it comes to hiring temp workers, which why it’s also important that your company is protected with Staffing Liability to manage the inevitable increase in business.

According to an article in The Globe and Mail, the rise in temp work is especially noticeable in young people. These temp positions are more common in education, culture and food service sectors. Most people are interested in this contract work style because of the flexibility of hours. Also, some highly skilled candidates don’t want to be tied down to one employer and feel that boss presence as intensely.

Initially “temp” was a term referring to low-level workers. However, it has broadened to include workers in any industry of any position. There are temps doing everything from administrative tasks to hard labor.

Temporary work also holds benefits for employers and their employees. It allows both of them to try each other out before committing to the position. Temp positions can also lead to an offer of permanent work, which to some is the way to do it.

Hiring temp workers can also reduce payroll costs and has other financial benefits. Staffing firms will be getting all the business because the temp worker is technically their employer. This constant flow of business is beneficial to the staffing industry in that you can send your temp worker back to the agency when demand slows down.

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