Making a Positive Impact with Technology in Recruitment

Technology has streamlined so many processes for staffing agencies, including sourcing and vetting candidates. However, in the age of big technology, you might be over utilizing these processes and losing your human touch throughout it all. In this blog, we’re going to take a closer look at how your agency can effectively utilize technology to create a better reputation, rather than hurt it. Read on to discover how to implement a balancing act and protect your operation with a Staffing Professional Liability Insurance policy.

According to The Staffing Stream, the impact of technological disruption for human resources professionals has simplified and expedited the process. Yet, we can’t forget that the candidate job search is personal and relationships matter. Technology has changed every aspect of the application process from a job post to an interview, but we are unlikely to see it fully replace personalization and the human touch.

Think about your mobile approach.

Mobile applications help sort and prioritize applicants. From a candidate experience perspective, even a traditional website with mobile optimization does not go far enough. View the experience from the smartphone user’s perspective to ensure a website is truly mobile friendly, says the article.

Go beyond automated messages.

When it comes to preparing your candidates, do more than send them an automated message or email. Instead, increase your communication to include a video chat so that you can ease their nerves. This way, you can share information about the client and what they are looking for in a personal way. Simply because you have a lot of applicants to sort through, that doesn’t mean you should forget that at the end of the day, you’re working with people.

Customize your bots.

If you offer a chatbot, be sure to customize it to respond in a way that reflects your agency, its values, its culture and its personality. A robot automated system will turn off potential candidates if they can’t get real answers that are effective in real time.

Use technology to your advantage.

Allowing mobile applications in your business is the first step. The next step is how to sort and prioritize them- this is where technology comes in handy. Invest in software to sort through and pool the best candidates for you. This doesn’t affect the humanity of the approach and also saves you time and money. Remember, allowing mobile applications will increase the number you receive tenfold.

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