Staffing Agency Insurance: Types of Candidates

Staffing Insurance Types of Candidates

Staffing Agency Insurance: Types of Candidates

Over 2.9 million people are employed by staffing companies every day. They work across various industries in thousands of different positions, often specializing in particular niches. Some recruit exclusively for academia. Others focus on high ranking executives or the tech industry. Some will recruit for a variety of companies. But what about the type of candidates you recruit?

The staffing and recruitment process is much more complex than providing bodies for empty desks. The client/staffing relationship has turned into a consulting, interactive relationship, where staffing companies carefully screen candidates and work with companies to ensure they provide the right candidate for the job.

According to a national job search board, more staffing industries are focusing on particular niches, not by industry, but by candidate to fulfill their client’s needs. Here are a few trends:

Moms. An underutilized area of top talent, some staffing industries focus on young women who want to continue their careers while raising children. Many times, this means negotiating nontraditional, more flexible arrangements, including part-time, telecommuting work, or flexible hours.

Interim executives. When top brass leaves an organization, the immediate urge is to find a qualified, permanent, long term replacement as quickly as possible. But some staffing industries provide an interim executive model, rather than automatically rushing into a long, costly search.

Niche skills. Pitching specific talent that is difficult to find in your area. Providing employees with niche skills that are difficult to find can be a great edge for your recruiting company. It can also give you and edge if you’re a smaller staffing firm. You may be able to provide specific skills larger companies can’t compete with.

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Source: American Staffing Association