Staffing Agency Insurance: Combatting Recruiting Challenges

Staffing Agency Insurance: Combating Recruiting Challenges

Staffing Agency Insurance: Combating Recruiting Challenges

In the staffing agency industry, you are constantly being introduced to new technologies, new ideas, and new tactics to finding and hiring the best candidates. Recruiting is a tough job! Here are some common recruiting challenges.

Challenge #1: Not having a game plan.

A well thought-out plan on how to track down candidates, bring on new clients, and match the right people with the right jobs is absolutely imperative. Planning will be the foundation of your success in recruiting.

Challenge #2: Last minute follow-up from a client or candidate

It’s important as a recruiter to set clear expectations upfront, otherwise they will never be met. In your initial conversations with your clients and candidates, outline how you work. Establish communication methods, communication frequency, and deadlines. Maintaining open and honest communication will go far in the recruiting business.

Challenge #3: You don’t have access to the hiring manager

The individual that contacts you from a company may be the CEO, President, etc. however they aren’t always the person doing the hiring. Going through a third party can slow down your candidate search and placement. If you must go this route, request contact with the hiring manager. Otherwise, you may want to reconsider taking this client on the next time around.

Challenge #4: The candidate wants to “think about it”

As you know, the jobs you offer come from companies often looking for someone to start the very next week, if not the next day. It’s important to explain to candidates at the beginning of your relationship that they will typically not have a night to “think about it”. To make them more confident about the process, let them know that you will not match them with a job that doesn’t align with their skills.

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