Staffing Trend: Common Job Search Mistakes

Staffing Trend: Common Job Search Mistakes

Staffing Trend: Common Job Search Mistakes

In the staffing industry, you will come across candidates that are harder to place than others. This could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they lack experience, or maybe they are too picky. Encouraging these candidates to try to avoid common job search mistakes will typically lead to more job offers for them. So, what are the most common job-seeker blunders?

One of the main issues for many new job-seekers is that they don’t keep their options open, or they are overly picky. Many candidates don’t realize their skill set actually allows them to apply for many different positions across a variety of industries. Entry-level candidates are sometimes hesitant to apply for a position unless the job sounds like their “dream job”. They tend to also be skeptical of temporary positions.

Automatically discounting temporary positions is also one of the biggest mistakes an entry-level candidate can make. Temporary assignments allow the candidate to get experience in their field of choice, learn new things, and potentially discover a new industry or skill that they can utilize. A temporary position is also a great way for them to perfect their business acumen and professional etiquette.

Displaying a professional and positive attitude is an essential trait of any candidate. It’s important to remember that poor attitudes can come through in telephone calls and interviews. Being aware of their professional opportunities is important of course, but employers would typically rather hire a candidate whom is upbeat about the position, and is already working on solutions for their weakness, than a candidate who dwells on the negative or acts as though the position is not good enough for them.

The last, and probably most important, mistake that candidates need to avoid is making the job search about themselves. Their focus needs to be on how they can benefit the employer by saving them money, streamlining processes, creating additional sources of revenue, etc. Their goal should be to help the prospective employer run a successful business and make money.

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