Staffing Agency Insurance: Dressing Like the CEO

Staffing Agency Insurance Dressing Like the CEO

Staffing Agency Insurance: Dressing Like the CEO

It’s your first day of work. You enter dressed crisply in your best suit only to find yourself in an office of jeans and t-shirts. Whoops.

Company culture today varies widely. Silicon Valley lore has created the idea that every techie works at Google, skates or bikes to work and wears nothing but flannels, jeans and t-shirts. Then there is the notoriously buttoned up investment banker never caught without a Brooks Brothers suit. But despite the industry, there is a key player who ultimately determines the style of office wear- the CEO.

Traditional wisdom holds that dressing like the boss can help advance a career- or at least, fitting in with workplace culture. The Wall Street Journal series “Work Wear” examines what employees wear at different companies. Despite her luxurious, colorful gowns, Vera Wang favors monochromatic, neutral toned clothes- most of her employees follow suit. The team at Scholastic favors bright colors that reflect the whimsical, childhood nature of their jobs. At the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays center, associate counsel Kari Cohen attributed her work style directly to CEO Brett Yormark: “Our CEO really sets the standard here so I try to take a cue from him. I’ve never seen him in anything except for a suit and tie, and it’s always impeccable.”

It’s an interesting series, both to see the variety of workplace wear and the different company cultures. But the existence of the series itself is indicative of the importance of presentation. Part of a professional work demeanor is presentation. And how you dress at work can influence others perceptions of you.

It’s a fine line between balancing a company’s dress code and your own style and individuality. But when in doubt, it is always better to overdress. No one is ever going to knock you for wearing a suit and tie.

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