Staffing Agency Insurance: The Importance of Employee Engagement

Staffing Agency Insurance The Importance of Employee Engagement

Staffing Agency Insurance: The Importance of Employee Engagement

In a report recently published by customer experience research and consulting firm, Temkin Group, large firms showed lack of employee engagement efforts. The report entitled, State of Employee Engagement Activities, 2013, illustrated that only one-fourth of employees within large firms are highly engaged.

Generally, businesses correlate ROI to products, services and strategy. Employee Engagement is often overlooked and underappreciated by upper management. However, studies have demonstrated that employee engagement is extremely valuable and necessary in retaining employee drive and work efficiency. Furthermore, high engagement is driven by six factors; quality of life, work, people, company practices, total rewards and opportunities.

According to a study conducted by Dale Carnegie Training, there are three essential drivers; relationship with immediate supervisor, belief in senior leadership and pride in working for the company. The study is comprised of a national representative sample of 1,500 employees; each participant was required to answer a few queries concerning the functional and emotional elements that affect employee engagement. In addition, the survey implicated that “caring” managers heavily influenced the level of engagement within each employee. Characteristics of “caring” managers include:

  • Sympathetic
  • Takes interest in knowing each person as an individual rather than only an employee
  • Supportive of their well-being and health
  • Builds strong relationships with employees

Promoting a positive work environment is essential for every business. Your workforce is your best asset and consequently, can become your greatest award.

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