Staffing Agency Insurance: Recruiting Tactics

Staffing Agency Insurance Recruiting Tactics

Staffing Agency Insurance: Recruiting Tactics

There are multiple recruiting tactics out there and every recruiter has their own personal spin on recruiting strategies that work for them.

Some strategies work better than others. The quickest is the flood recruitment approach- trying to find as many candidates as quickly as possible using large searches and key buzzwords. This approach may work in the short term. However, even though it can fill positions fast, the likelihood of finding quality, long term candidates who will stay with the company is slim.

Great recruiters aren’t always looking to expedite the process at all costs. In the case of locating permanent candidates for your clients, quality over quantity is key. Customer collaboration is key in the recruiting process. Staffing industry professions should ask a lot of detailed questions, listen carefully and develop a recruiting strategy.

By taking these initial steps to conduct a thorough information interview with the company, recruiters not only understand the technical skill requirements but also the firm’s interview process and culture. These factors can help you develop a better idea of what type of candidates would be a good fit for the company and to narrow the field.

Brazen Careerist recently highlighted the top characteristics of a great recruiter. Here is a brief summary.

  • Great product knowledge. Of the company, job requirements, etc.
  • Power to influence. Pitching the job to your best candidates- you want them to be excited and motivated.
  • Good at building relationships. With your clients, with recruits, building relationships is essential.
  • Approachable and nice. This should go without saying, but is always
  • Well-connected. The more connections and networking you do, the better candidates you’ll find.
  • Driven.

What are some of your favorite recruiting tips or strategies? We’d love to hear from you.

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