Staffing Agency Insurance: Bosses Say Pick Up the Phone

Staffing Agency Insurance Bosses Say Pick Up the Phone

Staffing Agency Insurance: Bosses Say Pick Up the Phone

Technology has been rapidly embraced by the majority of the American workforce. Bills, accounting and transactions have gone paperless and thousands of emails are sent via smartphones rather than desktop computers. However, some bosses are scaling back.

While many workers (especially the younger ones) have mastered various technologies, bosses are directing them back to the telephone to conduct business. Texting, online chatting, email and social media have supplemented and in some cases replaced traditional communication. While it is a great new avenue, some managers say avoiding the phone in favor of email can hurt business, hinder creativity and delay projects.

Relying on email entirely can cause delays. Simple one-question emails that might take a few hours for a co-worker to get to can be answered in 15 seconds with a quick call. Sales pitches delivered personally or over the phone can be more effective than an email pitch or video presentation.

According to the Wall Street Journal, some offices are taking steps to combat the tech communication trends, bringing in outside phone consultants to train employees on tips, scripts and methods for communicating over the phone.

This can even hurt recruiters. One CA technology entrepreneur missed out on potential hires because his employees scheduled interviews by email rather than by phoning applicants, which considerable lengthened the process.

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