Staffing Agency Insurance: 2 Habits of an Effective Recruiter

Staffing Agency Insurance 2 Habits of an Effective Recruiter

Staffing Agency Insurance: 2 Habits of an Effective Recruiter

As a staffing agency, your workforce is a key factor in your success; to be the best, you need to have the best recruiters. So, what are the 2 habits of an effective recruiter?

Even though your staffing agency may hold quarterly evaluations, encourage each recruiter to evaluate themselves on a regular basis. This will ensure success for your staffing agency, the recruiter and the top quality talent they recruit.

Habit #1: Do not rely on the resume

According to a survey conducted by Hire Right, 80 percent of all resumes are misleading, in that employment dates are altered and job descriptions are exaggerated. Although recruiters are now able to use emerging professional social networking platforms, such as LinkedIn to verify a prospective employee’s qualification, it’s not enough. Albeit, a resume should be a contributing factor in whether you hire an individual or not, but it should not be the only factor or even the primary factor.  According to, the hiring process should be 30 percent assessment result, 30 percent background checks and references, and 30 percent multiple interviews.

Habit #2: Do Not Settle

Many recruiters have a bad habit of settling for average or unqualified candidates to meet their ‘quota.’ Many simply post the same job description on every career and social networking site, but it’s not enough. Be proactive and optimize the recruiting process by (1) actively searching for qualified candidates and (2) posting a job description that clearly states the requirements and performance objectives

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