Staffing Insurance: Don’t Leave Your Profiles Blank

Staffing Insurance: Don’t Leave Your Profiles Blank

Recruiters work in the age of digital search. Google is our best friend for everything from the latest recipe, breaking news or even settling a lively debate among friends.

Just as digital media is a great tool in a recruiter’s arsenal, it should be a job searcher’s best friend as well. Even if they make it to an interview with your client, employers may conduct additional online research of a candidate’s social media profiles, blogs and online presence.

Candidates need to make sure their online presence is ready for the job hunt. And that doesn’t only apply to making sure their pictures are professional and work-appropriate. Candidates should take the extra mile to ensure their profiles, especially their LinkedIn profiles, are up to date and ready for their new position. Here are some tips to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Complete all the information. LinkedIn makes it easy- they have a checklist for you to follow. Just make sure your experience is up to date.

Have a picture. Pictures make a profile appear more robust and complete. Make sure yours is professional.

Proofread. Nothing is more unprofessional than spelling mistakes on your professional profile. Take the time to make sure yours is error free.

Participate. Be active on LinkedIn. Join and participate in professional or industry groups that interest you. Post articles, studies or posts you find interesting.

Don’t lie. This should be self-explanatory, however individuals continue to fib and fluff up their resume. Don’t claim to have skills you don’t possess. This can only lead to trouble in the long run.

What other tips do you have for creating a professional presence online? We’d love to hear from  you.

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