Staffing Agency Insurance: Time Management Tips For Recruiters

Staffing Agency Insurance Time Management Tips For Recruiters

Staffing Agency Insurance: Time Management Tips For Recruiters

Effectively recruiting talent takes a good deal of skill, from defining job requirements and qualifying candidates to designing resumes and negotiating salaries. In addition to these skills, recruiters should also have the ability to master time management. Share these tips on how to do so with your recruiters.

Balance time between candidates.  The staffing agency business wouldn’t be a success without talented candidates; however it’s important to ensure you aren’t spending too much time with a single individual. For example, if you have a candidate whom needs a lot of help on their resume, perhaps offer them tips and send them templates rather than editing it for them.

Be truthful with clients about time constraints. Often times, even the most well intentioned clients may think that your only priority is them at the moment. Be honest, but polite, and let them know what your time limitations are and when you expect to be able to follow up with them.

Schedule time for interruptions.  As a recruiter, you know that your attention may be pulled many different directions at once. You might have a client lead you want to respond to right away, but at the same time have a candidate contacting you about a problem with their current placement. Expecting these distractions will help you better deal with them.

Delegate when needed. It’s easy to get overwhelmed. If possible, give a task to another recruiter if they have less on their plate. For example, maybe you need to call potential candidates in for interviews or follow up with clients to see if there are any issues that need addressing.

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