What Candidates Look For in a Staffing Agency

What Candidates Look For in a Staffing Agency

What Candidates Look For in a Staffing Agency

As a staffing agency professional, you know what qualities to look for in a candidate, and how to generate candidate leads. However, the staffing industry is a competitive field, so it’s important to know what candidates are looking for in a staffing agency as well.

The two main factors candidates take into account are the agency’s retention rates and quality of staff. Here are some other aspects they look at.

Questions: Are you asking your candidates the appropriate questions? You should be inquiring about their employment history, their preferred business culture, and their financial needs. Interest in their needs demonstrates a legitimate intent to put them into a role that is right for them.

Local Knowledge: Local knowledge provides insight into market conditions that affect salary expectations, employer quality and availability, and industry information that may prove valuable to the potential employee’s career advancement.

Network: A good business network provides staffing agencies with the necessary pool of workers to fill employer’s quantitative needs. However, it also helps attract candidates who may find job connections within your agency that they wouldn’t have found otherwise.

Relevant Industry Experience: This is the most important factor there is for many potential candidates, as most are looking to get experience in a given field. Staffing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, and it’s important that you market your agency to the right types of candidates.

Smart candidates know that the right staffing firm can help them achieve their career goals. They need to connect with a specialist in the job market that will be able to find relevant job postings to help them advance.

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