Staffing Agency Insurance: Workplace Transparency

Staffing Agency Insurance Workplace Transparency

Staffing Agency Insurance: Workplace Transparency

There was a time not long ago when business information was dispersed on a need-to-know basis and discussing your employer, work conditions and compensation was widely taboo. Information about salary, the interview process, benefits packages, corporate culture and how a company treats staff was kept tightly under wraps and limited. However, today most job seekers not only have access to this information through simple online investigation, employees and lawmakers are increasingly demanding full disclosure of employment practices and workplace transparency. This is particularly true when it comes to employee financial compensation.

Many employers still attempt to prohibit employees from discussing their wages and compensation amongst each other through written agreements of verbal coercion. According to a recent research from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 61 percent of private sector workers and roughly 50 percent of employees across all sectors are prohibited or strongly discouraged from discussing compensation with their coworkers. While gag rules and non-disclosure policies thrive in many workplaces across the country, imposing such restrictions on employees is not only bad for business it is also illegal.  Prohibiting or discouraging employees from discussion their concerns about their work environment, including wages and hours, violates fundamental workers’ rights and can often lead to discriminatory practices.

The National Labor Relations Act of 1935 (NLRA), affords all workers the right to engage in gatherings and conversation about things which matter to them at work. Furthermore, laws in six different states specifically protect employee’s rights to discuss their pay. President Obama recently signed legislation prohibiting federal contracting employers to restrict their employees in such a way, and a broader bill has been introduced in the Senate which would allow federal regulation and disciplinary actions to be taken against private sector employers who retaliate against workers discussing their pay or reporting inequality and discrimination.

It is important that staffing and HR professionals navigate the staffing and hiring process cautiously to avoid all sorts of employment practices liability exposures. At World Wide Specialty Programs, we understand that the staffing industry faces a unique set of loss and liability exposures which is why our wholesale operation is dedicated to helping brokers find the perfect solutions for their staffing industry clients. From EPLI to employee benefits, our Staffing Agency Insurance programs are flexible and comprehensive allowing you to piece together the perfect policy for your clients. To learn more about our Staffing Agency Insurance solutions, give us a call today at (877) 256-0468.