Staffing Industry Trends: Privacy Professionals in High Demand

Staffing Industry Trends Privacy Professionals in High Demand

Staffing Industry Trends: Privacy Professionals in High Demand

While cyber-crime is widely accepted as one of the greatest threats to businesses today, experts argue that there are hidden benefits to the barrage of digital security attacks and threats operations face every day. For example, the increased cyber-security breaches have led to growing economic opportunities for skilled IT professionals and cyber security firms.

According to a new survey released by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Fortune 1000 companies currently spend $2.4 million on average for digital privacy and security programs. Those who often invest the highest in digital security are financial service operations, consumer products, and retail firms due to the nature of their interaction with sensitive data and personal information. The IAPP reports that a third of responding companies plan to increase their privacy program staff in the near future while only 3 percent of all operations expect to reduce their cyber security staffing, which is good news for IT jobseekers.

According to projections, the cyber security needs will result in the creation of about 900 full-time and 2,200 part-time jobs this year alone. Employment in the cyber security and privacy fields are expected to continue to grow over the course of the next few years. As demand for qualified candidates grow it is important the staffing professionals ensure that candidates and placed employees have the necessary skillsets and knowledge to avoid complications from clients.

To help jobseekers learn new skills, the IAPP has been offering privacy-related certifications since 2004. Over the course of that time, the organization has awarded more than 10,000 certifications across the six different categories of training they offer. The training is open to current IT professionals and others looking to expand their knowledge base and specialty.

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