Staffing Industry Projections for 2022

For a large number of your staffing liability insurance clients, there’s a chance upcoming industry-wide trends are on their mind. Although it may not be realistic to predict future staffing trends down to the smallest detail, there are some general shifts in the industry that you could point out to them. From technology-centered changes to multi-channel recruiting to an increasing emphasis on expertise and more, knowing where will the staffing industry go in 2022 could help give your clients a notable leg up throughout the fiscal year. Here are some key staffing industry projections for 2022 that your clients may be interested in adopting at their own agencies.

Staffing Recruiters May Be Expected To Further Develop Their Area of Expertise

One trend that may have already begun and that is poised to continue throughout 2022 is highly specialized recruiters. Your clients’ top recruiters may be expected to hone specific expertise to keep up. In particular, they may need to be able to:

  • Understand the needs of clients in niche spaces
  • Adapt and multi-task to place qualified staffers with appropriate companies
  • Upskill to competently respond to increasing numbers of business queries
  • Coordinate, oversee, and manage the accounts of numerous clients at a time

Technology-Savvy Staffers and a Go-Getter Attitude May Be in High Demand

High levels of technological prowess are becoming more common across numerous industries, and the staffing industry is no exception. Your clients may already be interviewing technology-savvy staffers with plenty of people skills to boot. In 2022, workers with the following traits may find themselves in high demand at staffing agencies:

  • A proactive, self-starter, go-getter attitude
  • Prowess with the latest office technology and industry software
  • Familiarity with the industry’s typical business model
  • Soft skills and a willingness to follow directions precisely

Staffing Companies May Need To Utilize Multiple Channels To Connect With Clients

Similarly to companies across other sectors, staffing agencies may continue to utilize a multi-channel approach to connecting with clients and other industry professionals in 2022. Rather than conversing through a single channel, your clients may need to reach out to their own clients or potential staffers via:

  • Phone calls or video calls
  • In-person visits and meetings
  • Direct messages through various social media accounts
  • Industry staffing software

No matter which sectors your staffing liability insurance clients may work to staff, knowing about current and upcoming industry-wide trends can help give them a boost in the coming year. If your clients are curious about top trends to keep their eyes on, consider sharing these staffing industry projections for 2022 with them. Specialized recruiters, high-tech hires, and the use of multiple channels for recruitment and placement are all top trends that may continue and even grow in the upcoming year and beyond.

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