Staffing Industry: Resume Tips & Bloopers

Staffing Industry: Resume Tips & Bloopers

Staffing Industry: Resume Tips & Bloopers

According to Business Insider, the first resume was written by Leonardo De Vinci in 1482. They evolved from informal letters of introduction scribbled on scraps of paper to a formal, institutional part of the recruitment process.

Social media and new multimedia capabilities have transformed the way the resume is shared and viewed. However, there are some rules that still stand, no matter what way the resume is faxed, emailed, tweeted, or posted.

Objective. The statement at the top of a resume that tells an employer what you’re looking for- it’s outdated. The employer knows you’re interested in the job, and it wastes space. Rather, devote the precious real estate to detailing your skills and qualifications. Even if you don’t get that particular position, your employers may keep you in mind for something else. (Although maybe not if you post this) bloopers: “I am looking for a party-time position with potential for advancement.”

Unrelated awards, hobbies, interests. Some candidates really branch out when describing their skills and experience. Wacky real life examples include a letter from the candidates’ mother, a nomination for prom queen, and ability “to say the ABCs backward in under five seconds.” While they may be entertaining, unrelated skills only detract from the candidate and their ability to do the job.

Too much formatting. An employer looks at a resume for an average of seven seconds- talk about a quick first impression. The goal is to make your resume as clean and easy to read as possible. Stick to one font. Don’t get fancy designing elaborate headers and graphics or alternately bold and italicize everything. It turns your resume into an eyesore and could turn off employers.

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