Staffing Industry: The Increase of Part-Time and Temp Staff

Staffing Industry The Increase of Part-Time and Temp Staff

Staffing Industry: The Increase of Part-Time and Temp Staff

With an economy as fragile and inconsistent as the United States, the business world and those within it have lost confidence. Companies are no longer comfortable to employ permanent full-time workers. This staffing trend is illustrated through the increase of part-time and temporary employees.  According to the U.S. Department of Labor the average daily employment is over 2.5 million temp workers.

Despite the growth of employment, there is still a strong demand for part-time and temporary staffing.  Companies are still weary and hesitant to hire full-time employees as it is just too expensive. Hiring part-time and temporary employees is not only more cost-efficient, but it allows them to continue their business by spending less on the staff. For most businesses, both part-time and temporary workers generally get paid less and they usually do not acquire any benefits such as health insurance and a 401 K. These employers are also able to lay them off if they can longer afford them. According to a Harris Interactive Survey, since the recession one-third of American companies are operating with a smaller staff and are willing to hire part-time and temporary employees just to keep their business afloat.

Although this new trend does not offer job stability, these employees see the advantages of not working full-time. This extra time enables them to have a baby, go back to school, explore the world, or simply enjoy life. It is said that this quick deviation from a traditional work model is going to gradually become accepted by the American public.

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