What to Do After A Bad Job Interview

What to Do After A Bad Job Interview

What to Do After A Bad Job Interview

We’ve all had that cringe-worthy moment. You shake hands, leave the interview room, and just collapse. How do you salvage it? Follow these simple tips on what to do after a bad job interview.

Bombing interviews happens to everyone- it’s a rite of passage in the job hunt. Whether you were underprepared, thrown off by a personal issue, or just boggled your words, the botched interview is an all too common occurrence.

However, it’s not completely hopeless. There is still an opportunity to turn the interview around. A recent Forbes article highlighted tips on what to do after a bad job interview.

Reflect on the experience. Why do you think it went so poorly? Were you underprepared? Caught off guard? What did you do well? A more comprehensive reflection of the interview will help you in the future.

Learn to forgive yourself. Nothing good will come from fretting about a botched interview. Don’t let it hurt your confidence and discourage you in the next interview.

Explain what went wrong in a follow-up note. Use the follow-up thank you note as a chance to explain yourself. Don’t make excuses, but acknowledging your mistake and clarifying them is an opportunity to present yourself in a better light to the employer. Just make sure they are blunders the employer noticed- you don’t want to draw anything to their attention they didn’t know before.

Use the thank you note to add anything you forgot. Forgot to mention the huge project you researched, compiled, and presented for your company? Add it in the note- the thank you note is a great opportunity to remind the employer of your qualifications.

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