Staffing Insurance: Addressing Work Related Stress

Staffing Insurance Addressing Work Related Stress

Staffing Insurance: Addressing Work Related Stress

The staffing industry can be a high intensity and fast-paced work environment, with heavy competition and many of other stress factors. Staffing and human resources professionals face the distinct challenges and rewards of managing employees well-being, conduct and environments which in many cases can be complicated and taxing.

According to a research released by the The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 40 percent of American workers report that their job was very or extremely stressful. Some research indicates the as many as four out of five employees feels frequently stressed on the job. NIOSH research also found that job stress is more strongly associated with health complications than financial strain or family problems.

Stress is not only a problem for professionals, but agencies and businesses also suffer when their workers are overwhelmed, frustrated and overworked. An estimated 1 million workers are absent for their jobs every day due to stress related physical and mental health problems. An estimated 550 million working days are lost each year as a result of work absences that are stress related. Stress can also lead to workplace accidents, professional errors and other mistakes which can negatively impact both employees and employers. As such it can be helpful to understand where most employees stress stems from, in order to improve an operation’s work culture and workplace environment.

Experts suggest that work factors that typically contribute to employees’ stress levels can often be divided into two categories, work substance and work environment.  Some of the most common factors contributing to employee’s stress levels have to do with the day to day performance of their job role and functions. Monotony and under stimulation, along with heavy workloads and time demands,  are the most common complaints employees often have about their jobs, and in turn these complaints often yield frustration and stress. Furthermore, an employee’s role within the organization and ability to participate in strategizing and decision-making, and growth projection within an organization greatly affect the amount of stress an employee feels in relation to their job environment. Stress poses a threat to the health of workers and in turn to the overall productivity and prosperity of any staffing organization.

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