Temp to Full-Time: Does the Worker Made the Grade?

Temp to Full-Time Does the Worker Made the GradeIn a competitive job market, there is likely no shortage of applicants for any position a company seeks to fill. However, as employees are the backbone to the business, hiring top talent is ideal. Cultivating a great permanent staff starts during a temporary employee’s term by honing in on specific skills and potential. Here are a few tips for your clients on how to determine if a temporary worker should be considered for a permanent position, a process that could in turn reduce their Staffing Liability Risks.

Did they Inquire about Full-Time Positions? Identifying if the employee sought out full-time opportunities during the interview helps to gauge the level of interest in the company, his or her role, and how to contribute. If they seem like they just need a job to earn a paycheck, it might be a telling sign of their performance to come.

Did they Show Initiative? Deborah Jones, director of career services of DePauw University explains “The student intern who shows initiative by asking good questions, seeking to expand learning experiences, and showing the willingness to go the extra mile is the student who is most likely going to receive an offer of a full-time position if one is available.” Similarly, your clients should determine the level of engagement the temporary worker had with his or her role and if they took on projects with a positive attitude. Naturally, someone who is positive and productive is an ideal candidate to bring on to any team.

Did they take on More Responsibility? Going the extra mile, offering to help with larger projects or requesting to be involved in the additional functions of the job are all ideal traits of a candidate who wishes to become a full time employee. Experts also suggest that a temporary position could be viewed as an extended interview process to demonstrate knowledge, initiative, and skill.

Were they Indispensable? Have your clients answer the following questions: Did the temp exceed expectations? Did they perform their duties with proficient skill and consistency? Did they demonstrate a positive attitude? If so, they might consider bringing the worker on full time.

At World Wide Specialty Programs, we understand the importance of hiring quality candidates. However, having your clients evaluate the temporary placement’s work ethic using these guidelines can identify if they are worth employing permanently and minimize the potential risk of hiring directly. To learn more about how we can protect your staffing agency, contact us today at (877) 256-0468.