Email Voice and Tone: Appropriate Staffing Communication

Email Voice and Tone Appropriate Staffing CommunicationIn our technology based era, businesses have had to adjust the way in which they interact with its customers. As Staffing Workplace Trends shift to email and other forms of digital communications, it is imperative the voice and tone of these campaigns are appropriate and professional, yet don’t lack personality. The following tips can be followed to ensure effective communication and repeat business.

Don’t be a Robot- Assume the subscriber’s role and imagine reading emails from friends, family, and businesses alike. As these communications are typically informal, it is important to use a conversational tone in your emails. Bear in mind that being stiff won’t entice recipients to read the copy.

Consider the Intended Message- If the email your company is sending is related to a purchase or a service, adapt your copy to match the message-get right to the point and include only pertinent information. However, if the email is intended to announce a new service, don’t be afraid to show more personality and have fun with the text.

Be Yourself- Although it can be daunting to represent an official company voice, Mail Chimp reminds your business that brands aren’t people, and subscribers crave human touch in emails. Include humor where appropriate, but ensure it is natural and never forced.

Attention to Detail- As the preheader of the email is the first portion a subscriber will see, play around with the text to include some personality in order to attract interest. Include images were applicable, as well, so it catches the reader’s eye.

Read it Aloud- This will help to demonstrate how the copy is portrayed to a reader. Ensure the text flows and doesn’t read like a robot wrote it. This tactic will also help to catch any typos, as well.

Room for Growth- As the company grows, so should the email marketing strategy. The voice of the brand should evolve, not stay stagnant. Experts recommend trying new approaches and showing off personality to represent the brand.

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