Tech Boom Causes Increased Career Changes

Tech Boom Causes Increased Career ChangesWith the recent demand increase in the tech field, workers are deciding to change their career paths to something more lucrative: coding. As more and more people are seeking to be placed in new fields, Staffing Industry Trends are being affected, as well.

Newcomers from all different varieties of jobs are seeking to obtain a position in the lucrative, fast moving tech industry. As internet giants Google and Facebook are in constant competition for top notch software engineers, smaller companies in every field are now following suit and creating a digital business model to keep up. In turn, an ideal market for new hires is created. Although there has been a trend in the tech field of inconsistent success cycles, these software development jobs are more stable than those in finance, marketing, sales and administration, according to The New York Times.

The NY Times also specified that the fields of cloud computing, mobile apps, and data analytics are in the highest demand as they lower business’ expenses while still providing customer interaction. For example, there are an estimated 7,300 openings for software developers on local San Francisco job sites. At this rate, companies are struggling to hire fast enough to keep up with the demand.

As such, companies likes Galvanize, who offer rapid coding courses, are thriving. Galvanize boasts a 98% placement rate immediately after graduation, according to their website. Graduates go on to working for the likes of companies such as Airbnb, IBM, Uber, and Twitter, among others. What’s more, San Francisco has the most technology “boot camp” style schools in the nation with 12, followed by New York who has 9. The demand for these courses is evident as 16,000 students will graduate from these schools this year, which is double from last year.

While the majority of the students are typically in their 20s and 30s, the demographic of students is very broad. What’s more, 17 percent more women are graduating from these coding schools than typical universities, proving that the demand and potential career success from these courses is tenfold.

The recent shift into technology has created countless jobs nationwide, which leads to the increased responsibility of the staffing industry to place these workers. In addition to providing your firms with the latest industry news, World Wide Specialty Programs offers comprehensive coverage at competitive prices to protect your firms in their everyday operations. For more information, contact us today at (877) 256-0468.