Temporary Staffing Insurance: Effectively Generating Client Leads

Temporary Staffing Insurance: Effectively Generating Client Leads

Temporary Staffing Insurance: Effectively Generating Client Leads

According to the American Staffing Association, 90% of client businesses say that temporary staffing companies give them the ability to stay fully staffed at all times. As a recruiter, you know the importance of understanding your agency’s needs, plus the skills and needs of candidates. None of this is relevant though if you aren’t generating client leads on a regular basis, and letting those clients know just how you can help them.

If you aren’t generating enough leads, it could be because you aren’t speaking to enough clients and candidates, or it could be that you aren’t asking the right questions. A common approach by some recruiters is to trick the candidate into giving away their current interviews, and acquiring a lead that way. Although one of the best ways to produce client leads is through your candidates, it’s important to do so ethically.

The key to gaining the trust of your candidates and getting good information from them is to focus on helping them first, then asking them to help you in return. For example, you could ask them where they would ideally want to work, and offer to send their resume to that company for them. You can also ask them about past jobs and contact information for those companies.

Of course, candidates aren’t the only way to generate client leads. It’s imperative to have a good sales and marketing strategy in place and it’s important to network and encourage your recruiters to network.

Knowing where to look online is vital as well. Use social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Often, companies will post on LinkedIn looking for referrals for a freelancer for a temporary assignment. Take that opportunity to approach them about your services and let them know how your services can benefit them.

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