Temporary Staffing Insurance: Solutions for Workplace Bullying

Temporary Staffing Insurance Solutions for Workplace Bullying

Temporary Staffing Insurance: Solutions for Workplace Bullying 

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently reported that over a quarter of the nation’s businesses report instances of employee abuse, bullying and misconduct each year. Yet many employers are still not properly addressing these workplace hazards with policy adjustments or increased training. The latest investigation from the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), a nonprofit workers interest group dedicated to creating more worker friendly business environments, twenty-seven percent of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work but some experts believe this number could be much greater. The vast majority of American workers are aware that workplace bullying occurs and can be a problem in the workforce yet the problem persistently ails businesses across the nation.

According to research, workplace bullying is most common among interactions between upper level workers, such as managers, and their subordinates. Power dynamic often present an ample opportunity for conflict of all sorts to emerge, thus it is crucial that employers properly train their management teams on employee interactions and relationships. It is also important that all personnel are trained on how to identify bullying in the workplace, and to ensure that proper channels are established for the reporting of such occurrences.

Male employees are twice as likely as their female counter parts to engage in acts of bullying, both aggressively and passively. Across the board, female workers face more bullying and intimidation in the workplace than male workers do, especially from other females. According the WBI, female workers who do engage in bullying are twice as likely to bully other women as they are to bother males. Male offenders are also more likely to target female coworkers.

While no federal regulations currently exist criminalizing bullying in the workplace, many state and local statutes do create legal justification for employees to file complaints and even press charges. No business is immune to the variety of risk exposures and complications which can emerge as a result of alleged employee mistreatment. Temporary staffing firms can be more exposed than most by nature, to claims of employee mistreatment, harassment, bullying, discrimination, and more. It is essential for any temporary staffing firm to ensure that their assets are protected from allegations of any of employee claim.

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