The 5 Most Effective Recruiting Strategies

For a staffing agency, trying to get the best candidates for your clients can be a long and lengthy process. Fortunately, there are a lot of new, creative ways to find the most ideal workers. In order to gain an advantage, you need think outside of the box and make yourselves stand out. One way you can do so is with super-effective, innovative recruiting strategies.

Utilizing well-thought recruiting strategies will help get jobs seen by candidates who are looking for a new role, as well as make it faster to hire great candidates efficiently, according to Betterteam. By being innovative and effective, it can become that much easier for hiring managers and recruiters to find and retain solid candidates. Here’s some of the most effective recruiting strategies, courtesy of LinkedIn.

1. Change Your Brand With TV Ads

If you want to improve your brand image across the other 80 percent of the population not actively job seeking online, then going with a TV ad might be the way to go. It’s one really effective way to reach a diverse audience that you may not have otherwise, especially those who may not be on the internet often or don’t know where to look.

2. Create Authentic Videos and Messages

Pictures and videos are worth everything. Utilize videos. People love watching them! Throw in a great message and you’ve got a truly innovative way to get new recruits on board.

The key to making this work is that it has to be authentic. It’s cheesy when a PR team puts it together, and your candidates will know the difference between a genuine recruitment effort and something that was phoned-in. It’s more real when it’s a raw video with an “actual” person rather than a computer.

3. Utilize Alternative Sites

While spreading the message about your job posting on sites like LinkedIn are the norm, going out to more niche social media sites can also help create a buzz around your job posting like never before.

Amazon posted job sites controversially on Tinder. McDonald’s used Snapchat and Goldman Sachs used Spotify. These are all unique channels meant to target recruits. While it may not immediately be the most effective strategy, it will help you to access a brand new pool of talent and bring attention to your company.

4. Hold a National Hiring Day

Traditional job fairs often garner little notice, but a national hiring day would be an absolute blast. It will get a lot of attention both locally and nationally, meaning it’s going to reach a wide variety of potential candidates.

5. Reduce Stress During Interviews

When candidates are stressed, they don’t perform as well in interviews. Do something to counteract that. Explain the recruiting process in detail to help ease a tense situation, and offer them something to drink. And if travel is an area of stress, a Skype interview could also be set up in order to alleviate some anxiety.

In an era where you have to be bold and creative, using innovative tactics to hire good candidates is the most effective way to create lasting job opportunities. While everyone has their own definition of innovative, these are just some of the ideas your company can implement to find new hires. No matter how you choose to conduct your recruitment effort, make sure your agency is protected with a comprehensive staffing agency insurance plan designed for recruiting firms

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll go into the recruiting strategies that you’re better off avoiding.


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