The Benefits of Conducting Background Checks

The economic outlook has been shaky, causing many employers to become reluctant to fill positions with permanent employees. Therefore, many organizations have been dependent on temporary workers to meet their staffing demand, and as this demand continues to increase, staffing agencies may be working overtime to fulfill this need. Staffing businesses may want to consider doing comprehensive staffing background checks on applicants to remain competitive and minimize risk when placing workers.

Benefits of Staffing Background Checks

Employment screening may also work to better protect clients and their reputations, along with other benefits.

Detect False Information

Over half of job applications contain inaccurate information. Background checks allow your client’s agency to verify the accuracy of stated employment, educational and criminal behavior history, along with other crucial information. This tool will also help uncover history of abuse and other unethical activity, even if an applicant tries to hide that information.

Prevent Unsafe or Criminal Activity

Poor background checks, or lack thereof, greatly increases the risk of unsafe or criminal activity in the workplace. Since strong background screenings will help determine if an individual has financial wrongdoing, sexual abuse or criminal activity history, being well aware of this history of the applicants in the hiring pool will assist in creating a more ethical and safer work environment for your clients.

Protect Against Negligent Hiring Suits

The settlement of a negligent hiring suit is a hefty expense that can be financially devastating to your client’s business. It is in their best interest to avoid a suit at all costs. These cases arise when a worker causes harm or injury on the job and the employer had reason to believe that the individual was not fit for the position. Background screening helps determine whether an applicant may be a risk to clients and could easily cause costly negligent hiring lawsuits.

Avoid Contractual Risks

It is common for most staffing agencies to contractually be held to “due care” standards of properly vetting workers. If an agency places a worker who is unfit for employment or poses a threat to their client, they could be liable for breach of contract or indemnity claims. Manage these contractual risks and the costly lawsuits that come along with EPLI staffing insurance.

Build Better Client Relationships and Protect Your Brand

Businesses of all types depend on your clients to provide skilled workers that meet their operating goals. If these individuals have been subject to a comprehensive background check that correlates with the specific position’s responsibility and exposure, this will promote stronger long-term relationships with clients.

The workers your client’s place represent their brand, experience, and professional insight, so it is important to ensure that the worker shines a positive light for both their client and their own staffing business. As employers continue to meet their immediate staffing needs by seeking temporary labor, it is crucial to meet that demand with plenty of screened talent.

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