The Perks Your Clients Should Actually Offer

In our last two blogs, we’ve covered the crucial staffing mistakes you can avoid and how to let applicants down easy without incurring liability. While these practices are things that your staffing agency can do to better their own processes, what about things your clients can offer to make your search easier?

In this article, we’re going to cover the perks and benefits beyond a salary that today’s job applicants are looking for. While it’s up to your clients to offer these things as a way to entice applicants, you can show off their company and highlight the following benefits on your job ad., while giving your firm the protection it needs moving forward with a Staffing EPLI policy.


Everyone wants to earn a competitive salary. Beyond that, they want to feel supported by their companies. They don’t want to stress out about going to the doctor or not being able to retire. Remind your clients that offering 401k’s medical and dental insurance, and paid time off are huge perks that can give them an edge over another company.

According to Recruiter Box, here are some other competitive benefits that your clients can offer:

  • Stock options – Give your employees a cut of the profits is a great way to keep them motivated and help grow the company.
  • Education reimbursements – Encourage employees to acquire new skills by paying for a portion of their tuition is a win-win for both parties.
  • Commuting benefits – If your employees spend a lot of money getting to work, you can ease the burden by paying for bus passes, train tickets or parking.


Offering the option to work remotely or have flexible work hours is seen as a huge advantage for prospective employees. Especially for employees who have children, live far, or have to brave any severe weather to get to work, this option comes in especially handy.


Your clients don’t have to make extravagant renovations to their offices to make themselves more appealing. Instead, they can offer a stocked fridge and pantry at no cost to their employees or give them a relaxing break room away from the chaos. Remind your clients that simple efforts go a long way in making their employees feel comfortable during their time at the office.


This is something that is unique to the company. A positive workplace not only ensures their turnover is reduced, but it builds a positive rapport within the company. If their employees hate being at work, it’s going to show, and in a digital era, their shortcomings can be advertised for all to see on the internet.

Remind your employees that establishing a unique, inclusive and upbeat culture will make your hunt for applicants easier and benefit their company overall.


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