The Predictive Power of Analytics

The Predictive Power of AnalyticsDue to the expansion of the digital world, predictive analytics is benefiting many organizations and businesses. However, what is the benefit of predictive analytics? While we seek to answer this question, it’s important to stay protected with Cyber Liability Insurance.

For a staffing industry, in particular, predictive analytics anticipates and advances talent acquisition, talent pipeline planning, job-response optimization, and customer acquisition. Talent analytics is becoming the key component of the hiring management process.

According to an article in Health Care Finance, predictive analytics is essential for staffing demands in the healthcare industry.

At NorthShore University, the Health System did an analysis of their staffing levels and the results were surprising. Their Tuesdays were busy than their Mondays. The usual staffing patterns were not working to their advantage. To avoid being understaffed, they built a predictive model that analyzes their staffing needs, four hours in advance. This gives nurses that extra time.

With a system like this, predictive analytics looks to be a smart business investment for an organization of growing size. The analytics will uncover the busy periods and optimize staffing needs for all types of businesses. 

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