On-Demand Staffing: Is it Good for Temporary Workers?

On-Demand Staffing Is it Good for Temporary WorkersToday, the job hunt technology is changing. Finding temporary work has become less strenuous and more available at the click of a button. Those looking to fill in the hours of extra time, while still applying to other jobs can continue working. The approach to temporary work has evolved into an on-demand economy.

The on-demand labor space is growing. The largest startup, Wonolo (work no locally) has set up temporary work in a similar way that Uber has. Uber gives immediate car service in your area. Wonolo is an application that pushes short-term jobs to potential temporary workers through your smartphone.

On-demand technology can benefit not only the employee but an agency as well. It reduces costs by avoiding misclassification of their workers, low turnover rates and ability to train with consistency.

Temporary work also benefits it’s workers because it suggests a flexibility that other work doesn’t offer. This time of workplace flexibility can help reduce costs from an agency perspective, Staffing can be most readily filled by staffing industries, like yours, when there is at least a week notice. Applications like Wonolo (although, there are many other startups doing something similar), are looking to give you help when there is a dire need or emergency. Not only is this helping out individuals looking for temp work, but it also helps employers in crisis.

Whether or not these on-demand apps are helping or hurting the economy, it’s appeal of convenience and efficiency is undeniable.

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