Travel Nursing Jobs on the Rise

Travel Nursing Jobs on the RiseSome factors that are affecting the health industry are contributing to a rise in travel nurses. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, an aging work force or the cutting back of hours, these travel nurses are in high demand to fill those positions. While focusing on trends, it’s also important to protect your client with Staffing Professional Liability.

According to an article in NurseZone, jobs are opening up 30 percent, year after year. That being said, there are a couple of options to fill those vacant spots. Hospitals can either live with, try starting their own flex pool, fill the void on a contract basis or hire recruiters to build a staff pool. Unfortunately, these can be costly solutions to a long-term problem. The best option is to hire travel nurses to take advantage of those long-term openings. These positions usually range from 4-13 weeks. The travel nursing companies focus on finding quality candidates to ensure their reputation.

Staffing Industry Analysts’ expect travel nurses to increase 10 percent in 2015 and 8 percent in 2016. The forecast also anticipates decreasing unemployment rates that will help increase the temporary healthcare staff. These temporary positions are appealing to those with families that are financially stable.

The Affordable Care Act will attribute to improved benefits at hospitals. In recent years, the demand for travel nurses has doubled or tripled, in some cases. This is a great opportunity for nurses who are looking for a job. The demand for nurses is greater than the supply and therefore, those who are interested in travel and good benefits should look towards this new opportunity.

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