The Reinvention of the Workforce: How Agencies can Adapt

The Reinvention of the Workforce How Agencies can AdaptWith recent challenges in finding good talent, staffing agencies are asking why. Although it sounds unconventional, flexible freelance work is becoming the new normal as far as the type of job people want. To be completely honest, the idea of a 9-5 job is fading away fast. Younger workers are looking to be independent and self-reliant in their careers and their lives. Part-time work with the intention of traveling is the ideal for new workers. It’s also important to keep in mind, protect your client with Staffing Agency Insurance.

Now, how are agencies supposed to adapt to this new normal, while still finding the best talent? According to an article in SSON, there is a way companies can tackle this challenge and adapt.

  1. Offer meaningful experiences. Most people like to contribute to something bigger and more important and that offers new opportunities and experiences. Employees want to grow in their work environment. When developing a new role description, make sure to emphasize why it’s an important opportunity for potential candidates.
  1. Cultivate a talent network. Develop relationships with everyone from freelancers to contract agencies and other leaders of departments. You want to scout out for possible talent for your own organization.
  1. Run experiments. Don’t dive into a new concept blindly. Try out your ideas on specific projects and small teams first and then build your idea from there. This includes everything from work arrangements to exploring new sources for talent.
  1. Keep an eye out for “assemblers.” An important skill to look out for is a leader that has the ability to assemble, manage and dissemble teams. These people are a valuable asset when business challenges occur.
  1. Align organizations. When it comes to creating a talent strategy, it’s important to put extra effort to align HR, Purchasing and IT. Teams should be focused on supporting the needs of extended members of the organization instead of full-time employees.
  1. Implement security protocols. As the company expands, security takes on an even higher level of importance.

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