Talent Acquisition Named Top Priority for 2016

Talent Acquisition Named Top Priority for 2016As technology becomes increasingly important in the business industry, CIOs focus on their priorities for growth. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, in a survey of 20 CIOs by CIO Journal, user experience, talent and analytics top the CIO agenda for 2016. What does this mean for IT chiefs? To work on improving those aspects of their company. While it’s important to understand staffing trends, it’s also important to protect the insured with Staffing Insurance.

As mentioned above, CIOs have faced new priorities for business growth. Here are five goals for 2016.

Improve user experience. David Kline, CIO and CTO at Viacom Inc., says that user experience is a number one priority for both customers and IT. Making sure that apps and video players work accordingly across all devices is essential to avoid a bad experience. As technology becomes simpler to manage for IT, it will also evolve to become more user-friendly.

Make technology part of the product offering. The idea is to make IT a fundamental part of the product. This will require a fresh relationship between technology and product development teams.

Invest in talent. CIO at Insight Enterprises Inc., Mike Guggemos mentioned that his top three priorities are talent retention, acquisition and development. This year will be all about companies competing for the best tech talent while also adding new programs.

Boost the role of analytics and data governance. By doing so, companies can find opportunities faster and identify new revenue streams. According to Intel Corp. CIO, Kim Stevenson, it’s the leader’s job to interpret the data and take action. This influx of data will bring challenges in regards to management. However, projects for data management such as database consolidation and open data initiatives will be implemented.

Drive business growth. According to CIO at American Airlines Group Inc., Maya Leibman, the technical foundation is critical for businesses to fulfil its objectives.

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