Catching the Elusive Job Searcher: Staffing Agency Strategies

Catching the Elusive Job Searcher Staffing Agency StrategiesCompanies are looking to increase their use of staffing agencies for those hard-to-fill positions. According to an article in LinkedIn Talent Blog, 73% of candidates are willing to hear from in-house recruiters as much as they are willing to hear from headhunters. Unfortunately, the problem comes from a lack of experience with headhunters. According to the Talent Trends Survey, 35% of respondents said they’ve never used a staffing firm to find a job. Luckily, this becomes an opportunity for you. Although it’s important to build on employment trends, it’s also important to protect your client with Staffing Agency Liability.

With this rise in staffing agencies, there is room to build your personal and/or company brand by finding the right candidates. Here are some staffing agency strategies to engage in catching the elusive job searchers. 

  1.  Set up the company page. This is an important step in that potential candidates and clients will look here to learn more information about you. Remember to showcase your distinctive capabilities and highlight your strengths.
  1. Increase your follower base. Promote your company’s page through social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. Most people are interested in a job based on the companies they follow. Also, remind your employees to spread the word.
  1. Be active. Engaging with your followers, keeps them interested and aware of your company’s proactiveness. Include a mix of job opportunities, industry news and information about your firm.

At the end of the day, it’s important to connect more candidates with recruiting agencies to help them find jobs faster and make it easier for companies to fill those important positions. Staffing firms must increase their presence in the job search to increase awareness.

At World Wide Speciality Agency, we are committed to providing occurrence coverage that protects the staffing firm for legal actions alleging bodily injury and/or property damage. For more information on our general liabilities for the insured, call 877.256.0468, today.