Recruiting in 2016: Social Media Tips

Recruiting in 2016 Social Media TipsChances are your staffing firm currently uses some form of social media to market itself. As businesses all over the county make their goals for 2016, they often create a list of priorities such as revisiting their Staffing Agency Professional Liability and creating a marketing strategy. PR Newswire provides five social media tips for the coming year.


  1. Make LinkedIn a Priority. LinkedIn can be a recruiter’s best friend. Your staffing firm has a greater chance of being following and viewed by your target clients on this site than any other social media network.
  2. Engage with your Network. Conversations and interactions on social media are often overlooked. If your audience sees that your businesses is responsive on social media, you have a better chance of being followed. This can lead to more business.
  3. Make Visuals a Priority. In our fast-paced world today, people often don’t slow down to read long paragraphs. They do, however, pay attention to pictures and visuals. In 2016, you should make every effort to incorporate visuals into your social media. If, for nothing else, to keep your audience’s attention.
  4. Focus on the audience’s interests.  Social media experts say that at least 75 percent of posts should contain something that a company’s audience finds valuable. Often firms only post information on only their company, which could be driving traffic away from your networks. In 2016, make sure your interactions and posts focus on the audience’s interests.

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