Virtual Hiring Tips for Efficiency

We are now in a time of virtual hiring, and your clients must be prepared to take on this new wave of technological operation. Video interviews may have already been a central component of the process, but it will take some time to adapt to new technologies for those who are unfamiliar with the concept/ Either way, there are some tips that can be used to help streamline the process. Luckily, these approaches are not too far from the ones used for in-person hiring. Share these virtual hiring tips with your clients for an efficient and streamlines digital hiring process.

Communicate How the Process Works

The entire hiring team must be on the same page regarding the steps that the hiring process will or will not include, what technologies will be used, how demo lessons may be done, and any other new steps to bring on a new candidate.

It may be tricky to consistently keep everyone in the know when they work remotely, but taking the extra time and effort to stay systematic in the hiring process will help prevent confusion. Even merely using a shared file in Google Docs can help keep everyone informed. It is better to over-communicate in times of starting a new process rather than to under-communicate. In times of uncertainty and high levels of stress, do not be afraid to over-communicate so the hiring process can carry on and candidates can feel at ease.

Once a candidate is told that they will be able to proceed with the interview process, they should be given a rundown of each step’s details to know what to expect. They should also be aware of what digital tools they will need to use, if they have to download any software, which parts of the process will be done using which tool, and thorough instructions for video conferences. There should also always be a number to contact in case there is a glitch in the technology. Candidates should know who they will be interviewing with and what the expectations for the interview are.

Prepare and Test the Technology

Zoom or Skype may be familiar tools for some people, but since multiple individuals will be included in these virtual interviews, all colleagues should understand the technology. It is beneficial to do a test run to check that everyone can hear and see each other. Those who are unaware should be shown how to use the mute function and be given feedback on how their remote space looks on-screen. Everyone’s space should be free of distractions, quiet, and well-lit.

Practice a Pitch

Not being able to physically step foot to the grounds of where a person will be working can present many challenges for a new hire. While it might be impossible to make up for that entirely, preparing a compelling pitch on company culture can help. Speak about the missions and visions of the company and how a candidate might add value. Even showing recordings of meetings or testimonials might help paint a picture of the culture.

Be Professional and Forgiving

If those doing the hiring want the candidate to take the virtual interview just as seriously as an in-person interview, they must do so themselves.

Hiring managers must dress the part, silence their phones, and sustain eye contact. It is also helpful to nod when a candidate is speaking to indicate they are paying attention and that the technology is functioning properly.

Hiring managers should also keep in mind that candidates are likely interviewing from home where their partners, roommates, children, and pets are, so if there happens to be an interruption such as a dog barking in the background, candidates should not be penalized. Since we are all getting accustomed to this new way of operating, there should be compassion during these moments.

Follow Up and Evaluate

Candidates deserve to be well aware of timing and where a hiring manager is in the process. After a video interview, it is thoughtful to send candidates a thank you message for being adaptable and using their time to speak to the team. This is also a great opportunity to ask candidates for feedback on the process. After each step of the hiring process, it is important to check in with colleagues about how they think it went. Hiring managers should use what they learn to improve the next interview. The recruitment cycle is a complex process, so when new methods are introduced it is important everyone involved has patience for themselves and others.

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