What Businesses Can Do to Prevent Employee Crime

Every staffing agency should consider what avenues to take when it comes to preventing employee crime: which comes in all forms. In 2019, businesses have to worry about physical incidents as well as cyber attacks.

The number of things that can completely halt your revenue can be disastrous. Not only are you losing time and productivity, but you’re also losing vital money. Without money, a staffing agency can’t run at all. It’s like a car running on empty; what else can you do to protect yourself besides walking to the nearest gas station? Calling a tow is the equivalent of a process that a staffing agency (as well as other businesses) should adopt in order to keep their businesses running efficiently.

But what does all of this really entail for you to move forward? If you’re not sure, this list is for you. This is what you need to do in order to inform, address and prevent employee crime for the long-term, via the Forum of Private Business.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment

Crime can happen anywhere, which means it’s important to assess the safety of the place that you and your workers inhabit on a daily basis. If your work area is prone to a bunch of problems, then you’re going to have to consider some type of prevention policies to put into place to make everything work out well.

If you can properly identify risks before they happen, it’s a lot easier to deal with it later. Protecting your staff not only protects you as a business owner, but it also protects your employers if something bad happens. In short, it’s your job. This includes crime and violence in the workplace with guidance towards managing work-related violence in licensed and retail premises. When there’s those that work alone, they are the most susceptible to getting hurt or crime.

Pick up some alarm systems, and secure doors and windows with high-end locks that can’t be maneuvered easily. Every employee should also carry a radio. It’s the quickest and safest way for anyone to get in contact with a higher up when something occurs.

Secure Your Premises and Remove Temptations

Alarm systems. Gates. Secure doors. Window locks. These are just some of the things that can be done in order to keep your workplace safe from crime. Use common sense: don’t leave valuables within sight. Blings are going to help cover whatever is in your office. There should always be a minimum security requirement when handling staffing insurance properly. Equipment needs to be from a secure, legitimate company.

Just like how valuables should be hidden away after work, it’s also imperative to ensure that the money and all stock is completely out of sight. Even shadows. There’s no good reason to give a crook any ideas to bust into your workplace. When workers lose their shifts, everyone suffers.

Speak to Other Businesses and Find Out Local News Regularly

Talking to other businesses is helpful. Some are kind and will give you a multitude of information that you may need to solve a crime. But particular areas might require more trust before someone opens up, even if they decide to at all. If you can find local business crime reduction partnerships, it might be time for you to get more involved in the name of your staffing insurance. When people talk, it’s easier to find out the culprit Because if you don’t, they’ll probably strike again later.

Awareness of Identity Theft and Fraud

Not every crime happens in the open. That’s why vigilance and awareness should start at all company levels. Online fraud is huge, meaning that it should always be considered when trying to effectively prevent employee crime. If your business is online, which most are, consider yourself at risk. Don’t let this little part slip by you before it’s too late.

Report All Crimes and Get Proper Insurance Coverage With a Plan

No one wants to be that person, but if you don’t report a crime on your premises your entire business is in jeopardy of failing. Help out the police as much as they can and they will help you out in return. If you want any change of your staffing insurance coverage covering an accident, this is the way to really go. But if you’ve exhausted all measures, it helps to have Plan B, Plan C and Plan D in place, ready to go. Think about how you’re going to continue working with stolen equipment and the ways to get it back.

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