Woman Awarded $13 Million in EPL Lawsuit

Woman Awarded $13 Million in EPL Judgement

A federal court jury recently awarded a Pennsylvania woman more than $13 million in the judgement of a gender discrimination lawsuit. According to reports, the Pennsylvania woman was fired in 2012 from her management position after the company accused her of being “abrasive and demeaning” with other co-workers in her leadership role. The woman asserted that the allegations were untrue and further alleged that she was subjected to harassment and ridicule because of her sex and was ultimately fired. The jury ultimately sided with the woman and awarded her $950,000 in compensatory damages that cover her suffering, back pay and other income she would have earned had she not been fired as well as another $12.5 million in punitive damages, finding that the company acted “with malice or reckless indifference.” The former employers is set to appeal the decision and pursue action to have a judge cap the damages at $300,000 under federal law.

Discrimination, wrongful termination and other employment lawsuits have been making a huge impact on for both large and small businesses of all types through the nation. While it is true that the number of cases seems to be decreasing, last year some 88,778 employment related lawsuits were filed, the severity of these settlements and judgements have been rising in many cases. Whether on an individual scale of as a class action movement, employment related lawsuits are costly endeavors, whether the claims are founded or not. Defense and settlement costs are often high, as evident from the latest verdict, and juries and justices are becoming less lenient on employers. As such, it is vital that staffing firms have strong employment practices liability (EPL) coverage in their business insurance portfolio.

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