Workplace Trend: Want to Be More Productive? Get More Sleep

Workplace Trend Want to Be More Productive Get More Sleep

Workplace Trend: Want to Be More Productive? Get More Sleep

According to new research, some say the answer to more productivity at work is simple: get more sleep.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 40.6 million American workers don’t get enough rest. That accounts for approximately 30% of the workforce. Basically, almost one-third of Americans don’t sleep enough to function at peak levels.

This lack of sleep is more detrimental than the vanity pains of under-eye circles and need to guzzle excessive amounts of coffee. According to researchers at Harvard Medical School, chronic exhaustion is costing billions of dollars in lost productivity. One estimate found that sleep deprivation cost U.S. companies $63.2 billion in lost productivity.

The issue isn’t getting the employees to physically come to work. Rather, they can’t work at their optimum levels while sleep deprived. Known as presenteeism, people show up for work, but operate at subpar levels.

Not only is it difficult for exhausted workers to function, it is equally challenging to motivate exhausted workers. A lack of sleep can also lead to short tempers and cause frustration and conflict among coworkers.

The problem has become so acute that companies are taking matters into their own hands. Managers at companies such as Proctor & Gamble Co., and Goldman Sachs Group Inc., are investing in programs from sleep-hygiene courses to melatonin-regulating lighting to help employees sleep better. Other companies have promoted “power naps,” even providing “nap pods” that cut off sound and light for employees to rest midday and catch a few moments of shuteye.

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Source: Wall Street Journal