Avoiding False Advertising to Clients and Candidates

Avoiding False Advertising to Clients and Candidates

Advertising is often one of many key components that a company uses to maintain its image and attract new customers. Companies should be aware, however, that there are many dangers when it comes to advertising products in the public eye. Under both federal and state law, if a company’s ad contains any misleading or deceiving content, it could face some serious legal problems. Staffing firms often advertise themselves over a variety of mediums and should be aware of these dangers. In addition to having trustworthy Staffing General Liability insurance, companies can incorporate the following rules as given by nolo.com to keep ads on track with legal limits.

Rule #1 – Accuracy

Above all else, an ad must be accurate. If there is any component in the ad that would deceive or mislead an average individual, the ad is not worth the risk. Accuracy is important not only because of avoiding legal action, but because a business always should want to be seen as trustworthy by its clients and customers.

Rule #2 -Permission

If an ad features an endorsement or even someone’s picture, a company must have written permission. The U.S. copyright law has a “fair use” doctrine that allows limited quotations to be included in advertisements without endorsements. This includes content from popular books, movies and play reviews. However, if the company is even the least bit unsure about whether or not a statement falls under this category, it should seek permission.

Rule #3 — Having Sufficient Quantities on Hand

If a company makes good for sale, it should try to ensure that it has a large enough supply to meet the demand that the ad can bring. If there is not enough on hand to supply a mass customer ordering, simply say so in the ad. This way, a company can point to this to prove accuracy and sooth upset customers.

Rule #4 – Treat Competitors Fairly

If an ad makes any claims comparing its goods or services to a competitor, it should make sure that the claims are accurate and not at all misleading. This can lead to disgruntled competitors and a poor business image.

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