Technology Priorities in 2016: Staffing Agency Forecast

Technology Priorities in 2016 Staffing Agency ForecastAs a Staffing Agency professional, you already know that one of the best skills you can learn is to anticipate your client’s next moves and expectations. As we steadily approach 2016, many companies are making plans and mapping out what they want to accomplish by year end. An article by The Wall Street Journal finds that user experience, talent and analytics are at the top the agenda for Chief Information Officers in 2016. These findings were based on a survey of 20 CIOs by CIO Journal.

As a Staffing Agency Professional, you want to be as prepared as you can entering into the year equipping yourself with everything from trustworthy Staffing Agency Liability insurance to knowledge on industry trends. This article highlights three priority areas for Information Technology in 2016.

Improve user experience. How a user feels when interacting with technology such as apps, websites and video players is a Number One priority for companies. This applies to both employees and customers. This is a technique of driving business through technology, and, in our fast paced world today, if a user get confused by technology or has a hard time using it, they will move on, therefore losing business for the company.

​Invest in the right talent. In addition to investing in technology upgrades, companies will be looking for the right people to operate the systems. Chief Information Offers will be focusing on ways to train and retain talent as they develop software in 2016.

Increase the role of analytics and data governance. With more data comes more challenges for Information Technology professionals. For one, companies have to organize and classify the data in order for it to be useful to the company. Staffing Agency Professionals must understand that they are not only looking for technology candidates to fill roles, they are looking for candidates who know or are willing to learn how to interpret the data and make suggestions for profit.

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