Marketing: Elements of a Successful Staffing Firm- Part 2

Marketing Elements of a Successful Staffing Firm- Part 2

In the last blog post, we highlighted customer service as an essential aspect of a successful staffing firm.  Another very important part of a successful firm is an effective marketing strategy. A smart firm will value its marketing strategy as much as it does Customer Service and Staffing Agency Insurance. If your clients aren’t aware of your business and if they don’t know what you do, then all else is irrelevant. A successful marketing strategy will encompass these elements as outlined by Hemley Marketing.

1) Your Company Should Have Brand Ambassadors Before technology and other forms of communication, person-to-person interaction is one of the best ways to get your company’s message out to clients. Do you have recruiters who communicate your staffing firm’s business? In addition, brand ambassadors create a personal link for client to reach out to with questions and concerns which makes your firm more personable and trustworthy.

2) Make Your Marketing Mobile In our society today,  if you aren’t mobile, you’re missing something. A  mobile strategy is an important part of a successful marketing plan for your staffing firm. Your website should be mobile because you want to make your firm as accessible as possible. The content of your website and mobile applications should be straight-forward and easy to follow so as not to turn off any potential clients.

3) Capitalize On Social Media A social media plan is essential to effective marketing. More and more people are turning to social media for everything from staying connected with peers to searching for a job. A staffing firm’s message should be consistent across all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. When using social media, be sure to link back to your company’s main website often.

4) Track Your Results
Analytics are an essential part of a marketing endeavor. Hard numbers will tell a better story than any qualitative analysis. Be sure to  monitor the number of leads generated by your marketing campaigns and keep track of how many leads result in new business. Your staffing firm will benefit from the insight that analytics provide.

At World Wide Specialty Programs, we want you to be a successful staffing firm, and we will work with you to make sure you have the tools needed to accomplish your goals. To learn about Staffing Agency Insurance and other plans, call us today at  (877) 256-0468.