Ben Affleck Scandal: Changing Staffing Trends?

Ben Affleck Scandal Changing Staffing TrendsAfter the salacious scandal of Ben Affleck’s infidelity with his nanny surfaced, staffing agents for high profile clients have been facing more hurdles. While celebrities and wealthy clients already maintain a high maintenance reputation, they are now requesting that staff, particularly those who work closely with the family, are not under the age of 35. These Staffing Industry Trends are affecting the prospects of young men and women who are typically in high demand with this clientele.

Agents and estate management specialists consulted with reporters to discuss the trends that are affecting the professional help sector. Christopher Baker of Christopher Baker Staffing stated “If you’re looking for a college-educated, athletic and well-traveled nanny, the choices are greater in L.A. than almost anywhere else.”

However, with the recent scandal surfacing, more A-listers and high-profile clients are hesitant to hire young staff. Kate Provinziano of Westside Nannies said “The [alleged] Ben Affleck nanny affair scandal didn’t help. I got calls from clients saying they don’t want anyone under 35.” What’s more, these nannies are now expected to stay out sight, and sometimes offered separate travel arrangements to avoid being seen or photographed with the family.

As other families who employ household staff are impacted by the news, agencies that staff these client’s households are now faced with increased requests and qualifications to accommodate this clientele.

These top picks for professional home help can earn up to $30 per hour and receive full time salaries and medical benefits. Experts say other factors contribute to these staffing trends, as well. For example, cultural trends tend to affect what these high-profile clients are searching for, such as experience in attachment parenting and Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) approach, according to Daily Mail.

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